Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"I Did That!"

It wasn’t the twelve-mile paddle down the Potomac River, complemented by some hilariously tipped canoes and an awesome rope swing. It wasn’t the morning of zip-lining from tree to tree through the lush canopy above Nelson Rocks. It wasn’t braving the dark damp of the Sinks of Gandy cave and squeezing triumphantly out of the wormhole. It wasn’t bonding over late-night conversations with tentmates, or gazing at a country sky full of stars, or even s’mores. For one high school senior from Winston Preparatory School in NYC, the highlight of his recent course with TMI was preparing a delicious dinner for the group one night. At our closing circle, when everyone was asked to share a special memory or a lesson they would take home from the week, this formally sardonic student suddenly put on a sincere face, almost as if he couldn’t help it, and said with pride, “I would take a photo of that meal I made and put it in my wallet. I wouldn’t even show it to anyone else. It would be just for me, so I could pull it out later and look at it and say, I did that.” - Katy Medley

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