Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overland Travel

Earlier this month, the guys from Mountain State Overland traveled up to the Spruce Knob Mountain Center to record an episode for their web series that explores the lesser known places of West Virginia. The goal of the series is to "encourage adventure within the Appalachian Mountains while balancing the preservation of local cultures and natural ecosystems." They spoke with Vicki Fenwick-Judy, our new program director, walked around the campus, and spent the rest of the weekend fishing the creeks that pour down from the mountain. The final product of their visit is Educating the High Country, a nine minute video that features TMI and its bucolic surroundings. Previous episodes of the Mountain State Overland series feature Bethlehem Farm and our friends over at White Grass.

It was great to spend time with fellow West Virginians talking about how great this state is to live, work, and play in. This project will surely introduce TMI to a whole new group of people and encourage the West Virginia pride that we all share.

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Mountain State Overland said...

Thanks for having us up, we really enjoyed the visit; we'll be back soon! Also note that we wrote an article in OutdoorX4's Issue 4, Cheers!