Monday, May 26, 2014

Burley Middle School Visits Spruce Knob

A couple of weeks ago, we welcomed 6th graders from Burley Middle School in Charlottesville, VA up to Spruce Knob for a few days of hiking, games, science, and survival skills. Burley Middle School has been visiting The Mountain Institute under the guidance of Judy Cutright for some years now, and she always brings a group of curious and earnest students with her. We'll be looking forward to our paddling trip down the Potomac River in the fall with Burley Middle School. Below are some photos the teachers snapped during the Burley Middle School field trip.

Eating dinner in Ulan Bator

Sophie teaches geology on the boulder field at Spruce Knob

Practicing one match fires

Sara teaching on the High Plains

The walk up to the shower shack

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Staff Reports

Spring work on the mountain is getting into full swing and we’ve got all our staff working hard. Thursday was the last day of our Randolph County Outdoor Education Program, a two day program that brings together 5th graders from the largest county in West Virginia to do an intensive two days of stream study, heritage stations, map reading and orienteering. While some of our staff was out on that program, the Spruce Knob Mountain Center had a heroic visit from none other than the Heroes Journey Foundation. They stayed here for five days while on their spring retreat. They had days of productive conversation, delicious food and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Our staff didn’t get much rest as they did a quick turn around to head up to Pennsylvania to meet some of the students from Winston Preparatory School in New York City. This trip might lead to some new campsites for The Mountain Institute to use, so we’re sure that the staff will come back with some great stories and even better information about the area. - Olivia Klein

Check out the Heroes' Journey website at: