Saturday, August 3, 2013

Appalachian August

 It is turning out to be a busy weekend at the Spruce Knob Mountain Center, with participants from the Hero's Journey Foundation and the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club sharing High Camp with visiting alumni of TMI's Scholars Program. It has been rewarding to watch how each group uses and enjoys this space in their own way.
Meanwhile, the solar panels at the Earth Shelter continue with their work; as of today, 868 lbs of carbon have been offset by the array. That's the rough equivalent of 10 trees! To keep tabs on our energy conversion, check out this link:  
Monday will bring the arrival of the East Harlem School of New York City. Students will kick off our fall season of school courses with an eight-day backpacking trip in the Monongahela National Forest. Reports on our adventures are soon to follow! 
Happy August!