Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hog Wild

Patrick watches over the new piglets.
It's the end of our spring season at the Spruce Knob education center. Most of TMI staff were away this week in Maryland to do a program with Riverdale, a school from New York. While they spent the week hiking the Appalachian Trail, climbing rock faces, and paddling the Potomac, Braja Smith and Patrick Dupre journeyed off to the South Fork Valley to pick up an exciting addition to our staff.

They're bigger than a loaf of bread, but smaller than a microwave. They're named Salt and Pepper, for obvious reason. Yes, they are pigs, to dispell any doubt. In our remote location up on Spruce Knob, trash service is limited and composting food scraps in conventional ways tends to attract bears, possums, or other critters. Salt and Pepper come in to help us deal with waste food. TMI staff pool the money to buy piglets and feed and will soon work together to improve their hutch to provide a dry, warm place for them to sleep. -Patrick Dupre

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