Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Experiential Education Triathalon

What's the most you've ever done in a thirty hour period?

Students from Belle Elementary in a May snow flurry!
On Monday, May 12th, we had a visiting group of forty fifth grade students from Belle Elementary,  near Charleston, West Virginia. What did we do you ask? Everything. In less than two full days we managed to fit in a hike to the top of beautiful Spruce Knob to talk about mountain building, an awesome hands-on study of the life that live in local streams, and we even squeezed in the chance to show students the Sinks of Gandy, a cave in the Gandy Creek backcountry. This was one of our most jam-packed courses yet.  But wait there's more! We wouldn't send these students home without a campfire of singing and s'mores, given the opportunity.

For many of these students, it was their first chance to see a vista from the top of a mountain or the interior of our earth and for some still it was their first time away from home on their own. Many students said it was their best field trip ever. We are always thankful to share this place with students, even for such a short period, and give these kids the opportunity to experience nature in a new way.

-Patrick Dupre

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