Monday, January 16, 2012

Out In It

There are many - truly uncountable - reasons why I love the Jeff Bridges movie, Crazy Heart and its tale of broken down country music legend, Bad Blake. The soundtrack is one of the best - a focal point of the picture. It's an interesting and always perfect for the moment combination of songs newly written by Ryan Bingham among others as well as classics by renegade country stalwarts such as Townes Van Zandt and Waylon Jennings. Beyond the music though, Crazy Heart simply resonates. From the moment Bridges's Blake is seen behind the wheel of his late 70's Suburban driving past the red rock cliffs of New Mexico with "Hold On You" floating through the speakers there's something about the movie that sticks.

It's a darn good film, of that there's no doubt. At minimum, check out the above link or put in a good ol' internet super highway search for it, but, of course, what you should do is see it. I'll leave the plugs there and let you all make the decision for yourselves. However, there is a part (just a short, simple scene) in the film that never seems to be far from the front of my mind, lodged within easy access at all times. Funny how that happens.

Bad Blake is in love and again driving the wide open western highways. On his way to a show in another small town, he stops to call his girl from a pay phone at the end of a another dirt road. He might be heading up towards her, up to Santa Fe and he wants to visit. She is happy to hear from him, wanting to know where he is. "Oh, out in it," Blake says. It's the place where he's standing, the man he's become, all of it, down to the inflection in his voice that carries much more weight than words describing a momentary location.

Out in it. We are aren't we? In the wide open by the red rocks or pushing our way through spruce trees, we're always out there, always making our way. Just as Bad Blake could have tried to explain where he was and just didn't need to, it seems that making our way is enough. It's never easy to explain where we are trying to go or anything that happens along the way, but do we really need to?

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