Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here's To New Beginnings

An introduction is in order I suppose. Readers should, in my estimation anyway, know who is typing the words that make their way to the esteemed pages of the Spruce Knob Mountain Center Blog. Nathan Hayes, Josh Nease, and, of course, the most recent contributor, Jeff DeBellis have all left their mark on these pages over the last handful of years, and now I’m excited to sidle up to the keyboard. Oh yes, an introduction was the goal here. Back to it.

Until the age of six I lived in a cabin in the northern Michigan woods somewhere in the range of 45 minutes from the nearest town (Vanderbilt, 200 strong). This is a place that I am lucky enough to get to visit quite frequently and every time I meander up the driveway I am reaffirmed in my desire to spend the majority of my time away from concrete and strip malls. Living in that cabin started me down a winding forest path that I have followed to this this day – a path that I am lucky to have stayed relatively close to through the years. High school and college came and went and I landed in western New Mexico where I began mountain biking and trail running – passions that have held to this day. (At this very moment my bike is actually awaiting the completion of this fine blog entry.) I have found myself at TMI on three previous, seasonal occasions, and now as the new Course Director and Communications Director I am lucky enough to call this mountain my year round home.

Needless to say I am looking forward to bringing random ponderings, solid updates, and possibly the occasional crazy tale to this blog. Basically, it will be as if Spruce Knob were right in your backyard (for those of you reading this in the Earth Shelter that will actually be true I suppose). Read on, friends.

Chuck Whitney

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