Friday, May 6, 2011

Stars & S'mores

This summer, we'll open our observatory one night each month for Stars & S'mores. The events are free and open to all, so please do come join us. We will have a brief introduction to our telescope and the observatory that it's housed in, look at the stars and planets that fill our night sky, keep a campfire blazing, roast marshmallows, and make s'mores.

The skies above Spruce Knob are some of the darkest in the east. According to, the night skies here are "the best that you will find anywhere east of the Mississippi. Extremely remote location and moderately high altitute (4860 feet) combine to give skies that are absolutely incredible when the weather is good. No light domes at all. The sky is black from horizon to zenith."

If it’s raining, or too cloudy to see the stars, we’ll still enjoy the night be searching for salamanders and frogs!

Stars & S'mores will take place on June 11th, July 9th, and August 6th, all Saturdays. Camping is available for $15.

Follow HWY 28 South from Circleville about 5.5 miles, turning right on 28/10 Sawmill Run Rd. Follow signs to TMI, about 6 miles. Turn right into the facility, take the left fork, and follow about ¾ mile. Park near the canoes and follow signs to walk to the observatory (about a ¼ mile).

Give us a call ((304) 567-2632) for more information or to make reservations. Hope to see ya there!

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