Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning

With programming beginning in mid-April, this is the time of year that staff begin cleaning, fixing odds & ends, and shoveling away the last of the snow-piles that block the doors. This spring we've embarked on a massive cleaning effort like never before. Walls are being scrubbed, chimneys are being cleaned, and buildings are being renovated. Chris, to the right, is scrubbing down the hard-to-reach places in the shower barn. Our new, well-drawn water system is in place & new urinals have been installed in the shower barn. Next week, a group of students from Nazareth College will be coming to help with various projects, including painting the Earth Shelter.

The snow is all but gone here, with a few piles still hiding out in the shadier places on the mountain - the north facing slopes & in the thick spruce woods. Days are sunny, nights are frigid, and maple sap is flowing prodigiously. Returning staff will trickle in one-by-one as the maples bud until all the little yurts are filled. New staff will join us at the end of March and school courses will begin shortly thereafter. This spring promises to be a busy one, and we're starting the year off with everything in top shape.

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