Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Winter Pictures

If you're planning on coming up or would like to schedule a meeting off of the mountain, please call ahead, as it may take some time to prepare. The WV DOT has been working almost non-stop since Christmas to keep the roads open and safe. There are many roads throughout Pendleton County, and ours, Sawmill Run Road, may end at a higher elevation than any other residential road. They have done an excellent job keeping up with the snow and wind and they never forget about us up here. Sometimes it takes a few days to get the road open again, but we don't travel far most of the time. Good thing we can ski to work.
The lower photograph is of the road out of here. In the photograph, snow has drifted 2-4 feet deep across the road. The upper photograph is of buried cars... buried like everything else. Our neighbor, Annie, has lived on this mountain for over 90 years. She says that this winter is similar to those of her childhood. "We could just step right over the fences," she commented.

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