Monday, May 18, 2009

Mobile Command Unit Retires

After years of dedicated service on the gravel roads of the Monongahela National Forest and beyond, The Mobile Command Unit has finally been retired. Known as one of The Mountain Institute’s most treasured fleet members, it featured swiveling captain’s chairs, window shades, a CB radio, interior lights, curtains, and more! The MCU has transported hundreds of students, hauled canoe trailers, carried equipment, and most of all, sparkled in our parking lot. Emerging triumphant through rain, snow, mud, heavy loads and long trips, and eventually, one cylinder shy of the standard eight, the MCU drove through our highlands. It now rests in peace with Elkins Metal.

For many years our vans have endured these difficult weather and road conditions on Spruce Knob, with much love, affection, encouragement, and maintenance. We greatly appreciate donations of vehicles or financial support to keep our fleet transporting students. If you are interested in donating, we may be able to incorporate your van, truck, or small car into our fleet, as our activities are varied. Give us a call at (304) 567-2632 if you are interested.

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