Monday, August 4, 2008

Trail Crew

This summer, we have completed two weeks of trail maintenance within the Monongahela National Forest. Back in May, Lynn, Prem, Kim, and Beth attended a three day chainsaw training with the Forest Service. Man, it sure is fun!

Almost all of us have been out clearing downed trees, perfecting our “hop and lop” techniques, rolling massive logs down hills, and attacking limbs with axes. Some dazzling lumberjacks and jills have emerged. We’re even talking about entering a contest!

After a hard days work, we’ve been able to swim in clear mountain streams and relax with friends. It’s pretty amazing to get good exercise, swim, hike, and clear trail to help fellow citizens access the amazing resources that surround us.

We are recruiting volunteers to help clear already existing trails between August 18-22 or August 25-29. The Mountain Institute will provide meals, tools, and camping gear for any volunteers. Just meet us there. We could use any assistance, from 1-5 days. If you are interested, or know someone who may be interested in helping, please call Beth B. at (304) 567-2632, or email

Entry by Beth Boehme

Photo by Shelby Silvernell

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Josh "Poodleman" Urban said...

Hey Y'all!

I was out visiting this past weekend at the rainy star party. Man, despite the thunderstorms, what a great time. The summit hike was the bomb! Everything sure was beautiful, including your wonderful nature guides! Speaking of which, Lynn, how can I get in touch with ya?

Thanks again, TMI, and rock on!

- Josh Urban