Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Fun

We've had an amazing 3 weeks of summer camp! There was all kinds of fun, learning, and adventure. Laser tag was a big hit for the Mountain Adventure Camp, and the students of the FLOW Camps loved paddling the "trough" section of the South Branch of the Potomac near Petersburg, WV. They came from all corners of the state... from Spencer to Shepherdstown, from Rowlesburg to Welch.

The students did a lot of journaling, and below are some excerpts they shared with us.

"I am a raindrop, I once lived in a cloud,
The adventures I have been on make me want to scream aloud
I’ve free falled from the sky, I’ve swam in a river
I made the snow that made you shiver
I helped make the hail that ruined your car
I’ve flowed with the ocean which stretches so far
I am a raindrop, I once lived in a cloud."

“Mighty strength within us all, empowered as I feel
Canoeing as the eagles soars, it’s really quite surreal
The water rushed past without a trouble or care
My canoe is going fast, I’m speeding through the summer air
I feel as if I am finally free, independent, but not alone
I do not care what others see, the water here this is my home
Filth does not exist here, in the haven I now call home
The water here is clear, I think as I reapply my coppertone
This place cleaner [than] most I’ve seen and hopefully it will stay that way”

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