Friday, June 13, 2008

Matt...this is everybody, Everybody...this is Matt.

I have been at The Mountain Institute for almost a week now and can already tell that it is going to be a great summer. Having never come here when I was younger I feel as if I have missed out on so many adventures. Last night a group of us hiked up to Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia to watch the sun set. The view was incredible from atop one of the many boulders that lay in a small field. I am planning on going back in a few days to work some of the climbing routes that occupy those blocks in easily the most beautiful bouldering area in the state.

I am a student of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Multimedia and Technology, which basically means video and promotion work. My minor is in Graphic Design, which is exactly what it sounds like. Internship responsibilities include general care taking of The Mountain Institute as well as specific media related projects. In the works are a newsletter, web site, and possible video documenting the F.L.O.W. Summer Camps.

The amount of animals and their attitude towards people up here is truly surprising. Rabbits are everywhere, Thelma and Louise (the pigs) are always energetic, and the deer will barely acknowledge your existence.
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