Friday, June 6, 2008


Ever since we applied for a FLOW summer camp grant from the WV Commission for National and Community Service I have been resisting the urges use sayings like "Go with the FLOW" and such. So I'll keep trying not to.

FLOW stands for Future Leaders of Watersheds (pretty snappy if you ask me), and we did receive the grant to offer eligible students to have an adventure with us this summer. We'll canoe, hike, and explore these beautiful mountain landscape while discussing, contemplating, and testing the state's water. Focus is on empowering future leaders to solidify their commitment to healthy water and a healthy world. We're also going to have tons of fun.

The FLOW students are coming to us from organizations all over the state including Friends of Decker's Creek in Monongalia and Preston counties, Piney Creek Watershed Association in Raleigh county, Wastewater Treatment Coalition of McDowell County, the Cacapon Institute in Hampshire County, and the Greenbrier River Watershed Association who works in four counties in the Greenbrier River watershed. We are really excited about these new partnerships, and looking forward to a great summer!

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