Monday, December 10, 2007

Quiet On the Mountain

Wow! It's already December. Almost everyone has gone off to some other place.

Josh, Bret, and Beth B. are living in Driggs, ID. Josh has skied waist deep powder multiple times already this year. John is up in Boston town working landscaping for a little while. Chris and Kara are coming back to Spruce to enjoy the quiet of the winter. Kimmy is living nearby in Thomas, WV. Zach is a fly fishing guide catching monster trout on the tributaries of Lake Erie. Emily is back in graduate school in Corvalis, OR probably praying for an end to her schooling. Katrina is living in Switzerland. Brittany is back to work with Augusta Heritage in Elkins, WV. Jen is at home getting ready for another semester at Bethany College. And Abram...well, I'm not sure where Abram is. I am sure though that his fiddle is not far from his side. And I believe Heather had her sites pointed back to California. KB is the proud mother of a beautiful little girl, Avah. They are both doing well. Sophie is back in Art School in Baltimore, and Matt Tate is in Mill Point, WV tinkering with his biodiesel.

Dave, Ruth Ann, and Annie are due back today from a 3 week excursion to New England. Beth A. and I are poking around skiing when there is snow and moping around when there isn't. Well, I'm the mopey one. I can admit it. Anyway, I fixed our smelly toilet and built a ski rack. We also rebuilt a hoop house that belonged to the Underwoods. Beth will use it as a tool in her quest to produce fresh greens all year round.

One of the most special things about this place is that we always pull in such great people. Somehow they find their way to this mountain in West "By God" Virginia. We had an amazing staff this year and a bunch of fun. We all deserve a break after a bustling season like the last one. Thanks for everybody's help in making this place work.


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