Friday, July 20, 2007

Our First Post

I want to congratulate our own John Broderick for making us proud and winning the Durbin Days "Greased Pig Contest." He persevered and beat out almost 20 other folks, and brought home the almost 150 lbs hog named Oliver. Oliver and our other hog, The Colonel, are getting to know each other. Way to go John!


Josh said...

I'm not so sure that Oliver is a sufficient name for a pig of his stature, for he is given no rank. This leaves much to question in the hierarchy of the pigpen and could cause conflict amongst its inhabitants.
Furthermore, it seems that Sus scrofa, or a pig to the leigh person, is never quite the same following such an exhibition. Without the ranks adequately bestowed, this new member to the pigpen could present problems that won't be so pleasant.

741Nalle said...

The name in question has served many a noble animal. Without meeting this pig it is still possible to imagine that it shares many of the traits (poor hygiene, large appetite, poor living standards . . ) with this animal with whom it shares a name. However, these traits don't make one the king of the pen but I don't think a name does either.

margieb said...

John, we are so proud of you! I hear so much about you - you are like the son I've never met! Keep on greasin' up them pigs!
Margie B (Bret's Mom)
See you in August?